To the lady at Papa Razzi in Framingham last night…

Last night was our monthly FXMNO (Fragile X Moms’ Night Out) event. When we started these a few years ago there was just a small handful of us that would get together whenever we could coordinate schedules. We quickly realized that there was something so healing about sitting down over a glass of wine (or ginger ale)  with people who understood what our lives had become so we picked a regular date and we stick to it. We stick to it so we can plan our other responsibilities around it, it’s that important to us.

Last night, after we had been sitting, talking and laughing for nearly 2 hours, you approached us.

“I’m sorry, I don’t usually do this…” you began.

We all immediately quieted, expecting to be chastised for being too loud…for disrupting your dinner. We were all in high spirits.

“I just wanted to say, it’s been a very long time since I have seen a group of people enjoy each other so much.” You were curious about what brought us all together. I explained, briefly, that we all have children with fragile X syndrome and that this is our monthly gathering.

You apologized and worried that you shouldn’t have interrupted. We thanked you for coming over and invited you to join us. I might have had a lump in my throat.

You left first and waved goodnight. When we left, we all stood grouped outside the door and enjoyed a brief modeling demonstration. The well lit walkway made a great runway, don’t you think? Then we walked to our vehicles and slowly the group split up for another month.

Since last night, that encounter has been playing in my head over and over again. I am glad we thanked you but I don’t feel like it was enough…what I wish I had said was,

“Thank you for being brave enough to approach a table full of strangers. Thank you for not shushing us but for encouraging us. Thank you for interrupting our evening, ever so briefly, to let us see how very special this group of friends we have is. Thank you for making us stop and look at each other and realize that no matter how much fragile X has taken…it has given back too. It has given us friends and laughter and love. It has given us connections with people we otherwise wouldn’t have met. It has given us a family, beyond the ones we were born to, that we can share with and count on. Thank you for blessing us…and reminding us that we are blessed in so many ways. Thank you for making a wonderful night a little bit brighter.”

This morning when I logged in to Facebook I saw this had been posted by my BFF…

be kinder

It reminded me of you. You were kinder than necessary to a group of total strangers, I hope you know you that your kindness won’t be soon forgotten. Thank you.

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