Umma’s getting BRAVE.

Have I mentioned potty training lately?  I don’t think I have since before Christmas.  The reason?  We’ve been lazy, plain and simple.  It would probably seem logical to most people to spend time focusing on potty training when you had a nice long chunk of school vacation to work with but, well, we’re not most people I guess!  We were just so busy running around and there was no real schedule to anyone’s lives so we just decided to ignore the potty training for a while.

Monkey has been staying dry at school for the last few days so that, along with the appointment we had today with the potty training specialist at Children’s Hospital, prompted me to decide this AM that we were not going to wear a diaper today.  Way to plan ahead, right?  Duhdee looked at me a little funny but he went along with the “plan” (as if you could call a sudden wind of inspiration a plan, heh.)

I told Monkey about 15 minutes before we left the house that we were not going to wear a diaper today and he went along with the “plan” too.  Awesome.  He picked out some SpongeBob tightywhities (he prefers boxers but they’re too bulky under his clothes for comfort) and we were off.

When we arrived at Children’s I took him straight to the bathroom.  Monkey let me know he did not have to go so we got dressed again and went to play while we waited to be called.  Just before we were called Duhdee took Monkey to try again and was shot down.  I let the specialist know we were in underwear for the first time out of the house and she was very pleased.  Our appointment lasted about 1/2 hour and while she was writing up the note for us to share with the school Duhdee took Monkey to the potty again. 

When they came back Duhdee was happy to report that Monkey had gone!  Yay Monkey!  Then he told me that Monkey had first requested that Duhdee pee by pointing in the direction of Duhdee’s…uh…”equipment” and telling him “pee!”  As soon as Duhdee complied, Monkey took his turn, lol.  Awesome.  The specialist was so excited that she gave Monkey TWO matchbox cars! 

Duhdee and Monkey dropped me off at work and were going to return home and then make a run to Costco…all sans ‘per.  I haven’t recieved any e-mails or phone calls telling me that we’ve had an accident so I’m hoping this means that the extra set of clothes (and diapers) go unused for the remainder of the day.  *fingerscrossed!*

In non-potty related news…

Monkey let them do his height and weight today!  He hates this for some reason and always puts up a fuss but he was a champ today.  He stood on the scale several times while it hemmed, hawed and errored and they got a weight.  44 lbs, a solid little Monkey if I ever saw one.  Duhdee forgot to give me the height reading, lol. 

He was rewarded with a Cookie Monster sticker.  Actually, he was technically bribed with it since they gave it to him while they were still waiting to get a reading but I’ll call it a “reward” anyway.  A pre-emptive reward. 

He kept the sticker with him and during the time we were waiting for the specialist to write up the note Monkey turned to me, holding the crumpled up sticker, and said “trash” as clear as could be and started looking for the trash can.  Poor Cookie.

2 thoughts on “Umma’s getting BRAVE.

  • January 16, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    He really is a champ. I just spring this on him and he goes with it. Makes my head spin.


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