We had big plans this past weekend…

and they all, gloriously, did not happen. 

I’m a big planner.  So, when Duhdee and I decided that we’d drop Monkey off with my parents for the weekend so we could celebrate our anniversery I immediately began planning.  We’d get up early, go on a whale watch and have dinner.  OR! We’d get up early, go to some nifty little coastal town and play tourist all day and have dinner.  OR!  We’d sleep in, walk around the city, have dinner and see a movie.

What did we do?  We walked to the bakery and bought a loaf of fresh sourdough.  We walked to the neighborhood hardware store and looked for a canner*.  We picked tomotoes and basil from the garden and made Caprese paninis for lunch.  We spent some quality time with Google researching which type of canner we need.  We went to the grocer and bought steak for the grill, chocolate cake for dessert and then we stopped to rent two movies.  We came home, ate 1/2 the cake and watched Cloverfield (eh, not that scary!)  We grilled potatoes, corn and the steak for a candlelight dinner.  We watched I Am Legend (oh, holy heck!!!) We watched the last few Olympic swimming races and ate popcorn.  It was the most relaxing, quiet day.  We moved at our own pace and did just what we wanted.  We didn’t have to worry about snacks or timing meals so Monkey wouldn’t have a fit.  There was no one to tell us “No! No! No!” when we wanted to hold hands, lol.

Bliss 🙂

Monkey had a great time too.  He did really well with my parents.  He spent a lot of time hanging out with Grampa.  He played in the sprinkler and went on walks with Auntie.  He visited Papa (his great grandfather who lives next door to my parents) and his Great Aunt (who lives just a little bit further down the street.)  His 14 year old 2nd cousin spent most of Saturday with him and he just loves her…the 24 grams of sugar she fed him in the 6 oz KoolAid drink helped *faint*  I guess I should have mentioned that sugaring up Monkey is not a great idea…he wore everyone out before he passed out for the night.

Yesterday, after we moved our strawberry plants from their pot to their new location near the house, we went to pick him up.  We hung out with my family, ate dinner and then went to the beach for an hour.  Monkey had such a good time and it was so nice to see how relaxed and happy he was.  There were no tears until we left the beach which is totally understandable…I didn’t really want to leave either.  Ahhhh…I wonder when Grammy and Grampa will be ready for another weekend?  HA! 

*We found one, no thanks to the teenyboppers working at the store who offered up a TRASHCAN and seem perplexed when I declined and began describing what I was looking for in detail.

3 thoughts on “We had big plans this past weekend…

  • August 18, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    Nothing ever goes as planned. Glad every one had a very restful time 🙂

  • August 19, 2008 at 9:58 am

    The beach was the best part…except for the sand in my teeth. Not sure how I manage it but I always end up with sand in my teeth, lol.


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