What is next?

So, we’re all caught up on last week. It’s time to talk…another trip, lol.

Monkey went to school today and after school Duhdee will drive him to Maine to spend the next 3 nights with his grandparents! He absolutely loves going to “Grammy’s house” and this trip will be extra fun, I think. Grampa is now retired and will be home allllll day. Grampa doesn’t have a “sit still” bone in his body, I am guessing Monkey is going to enjoy his adventure.

Our house guests from last week will be returning to keep an eye on things for us at home, mainly on my old dogs, one of whom is really starting to show his 15, going on 16, years. I feel so much better about leaving him when I know someone who loves him is there in case he needs anything. She’ll also be here to make sure the sidewalk gets shoveled should it need to be done…it’s also very nice to have someone around to do that stuff so Grampy is well looked after too.

Tomorrow, bright and shiny early, we leave for Advocacy Day. We will be joining 123 (at last count) other Fragile X advocates in Washington, D.C. We will have 4 1/2 hours of training on Tuesday and then on Wednesday we will visit our representative and Senators, or their staffers, on Capitol Hill and tell them all about Monkey. Our primary goals are to introduce ourselves and our little Monkey to them, to give them a face to put to this thing called Fragile X Syndrome and then ask them to support the National Fragile X Foundation’s goals for the year. It’s our first trip and we are very excited.

I’m sure I’ll be FBing like mad but I’ll update when we get back because, shockingly, there are some who don’t use facebook! Crazy, right?

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  • February 28, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    Way to go on participating in Advocacy Day! We should do that.


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