When will this stop surprising me?

Jennifer mentioned in a comment that she told her son Kyle that he was not going to wear pullups at night anymore and he responded by staying dry after that.  I tried a bit of this last weekend with Monkey.  I put boxers on him and told him he needed to tell us if he needed to go p**p and he could either go on the potty or go in a diaper.  He chose a diaper.  I was pleasently surprised and hoping it would continue.

Color me gobsmacked because it *has*.  Duhdee has not been putting boxers on Monkey, he’s still wearing diapers during the day, but he is consistently telling us when he needs a new diaper.  Two nights ago he went p**p in the diaper and as soon as he was done he went to the toilet, took off the diaper and I helped him flush the contents.  This is HUGE people!  Maybe we can get this kid PT’d afterall!

I know Monkey understands way more of what we say than he can communicate, I’m not sure why it takes me by surprise every time he demonstrates it though.

One thought on “When will this stop surprising me?

  • November 13, 2008 at 1:03 am

    Wow!! That is so amazing, its like half way there, wanting to have a clean new diaper, is almost not having a messy one at all! Congrats, I love it when kids surprise us.


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