Wilderness Edition, Day 5, I can’t feel my @$$

Today we took Monkey on his very first trail ride on an ATV.  ZOMG.  I’m beat.  We rode about 12 miles into town, took a short break for an ice cream bar at the marina so Grampa could check on his boat (it is still not running) and then we rode the 12 miles back.  It was the first time we’ve spent that much time on the quad and also the first time Monkey wore a helmet for any length of time.  He had a great time!

The first bit of trail was really muddy which is totally Monkey’s thang.  “Splash!” is a near constant refrain here.    The rest of the trail was dusty, dusty, dusty.  It hasn’t rained here for a while and it definitely showed.  Grampa’s eyes were bothering him because he wasn’t wearing goggles and he rode the whole way home at the back of the 4 quad caravan.  He had goggles.  He chose not to wear them.  I wonder if they clashed with his outfit.

The dust didn’t really bother my eyes but, hours later, I’m still blowing dirt out of my nose and the insides of my elbows are not even remotely skin colored.  A good shower and a box of tissues will fix that.  I’m not sure I’ll ever regain feeling in either my @$$ or my arms though.  Not that I need those, right?

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