Wilderness Edition, Day 6, no, 7. Aww, cwap! It’s Day 8, already *pout*

We’ve been really busy here the last three days.  We, uh, hmmm.  Well, we’ve been sweating, a lot.  And trying not to move too quickly and trying to avoid stepping foot anywhere not covered by shade or a fan, preferably both.

What else?  Let’s see, Grampa had a birthday!  He is now ___! ((Of course I know how old my father is!  I don’t even think he’d care if I told ya’ll.  He’s 59 and clearly a rock star to be retiring so early.  I think he’ll have worked at this company for 40 years when he retires.  Total rock star, I tell you.))  And he retires in 7 months!  Go, Grampa!  We had chocolate cake!  And a, uh, scented candle for … Monkey to blow out?  Grampa didn’t seem to mind too badly 🙂  It was way too hot for birthday candles and the cake was too small to support the proper number anyway, lol.

Then, Grampa, Duhdee and Monkey went fishing!  The newly repaired boat is finally, really and truly, repaired!  Woot!  They were able to get out on the lake for the first day of actual fishing on Day 7 and Grampa caught a salmon.  Then, we ((Not me though, I don’t like salmon.)) ate it.  They went back out today and caught a brook trout as a group effort.  Somehow this brook trout managed to hook itself on Grampa or Duhdee’s hook and then went and got Duhdee or Grampa’s hook caught on the hook already in its mouth.  They’re both laying claim to it but I’ve already told them that I don’t care who caught it.  I’m eating it!  Monkey reeled in his first fish today too!!  Duhdee caught it on video.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to share it or not yet.

While the menfolk were out fishing I amused myself by doing 3 loads of laundry at the un-air-conditioned laundromat, can you stand the excitement?  Heh.  I did get a chance to read, uninterrupted, for an hour and a half!   That, I liked.

Last night, after another day of brutal weather, Grampa, Auntie, Monkey, Duhdee and I went swimming in the pond.  The little minnows were very hungry, apparently, they were practically swarming.  If they were longer than 1”and had teeth of any real size they could have been scary.  Monkey loved the pond, of course.  After a dip we took a spin on some of the dirt roads around the pond and on the ridge behind it looking for wildlife.  All we found was more dust so Grampa had to wash Grammy’s van when we got back.

Today, while the menfolk were out fishing, again, Grammy, Auntie and I went to the nearby Strawberry Festival.  There’s a community garage sale, lots of arts and craft booths and, of course, the strawberry shortcake tent.  There is a gentleman, who is there every year, who makes the coolest wooden planes, trucks, trains, skidders, bulldozers, etc.  If it has an engine and a little boy would obsess over it this guy makes it.  They’re so cool!  Monkey has one of his 6 foot long wooden trains (it’s massive) and a car carrier (the top layer actually folds out so you can drive the little wooden cars on and off of it!) from past years and today I added a tractor-trailer.  The trailer is actually a bank, very nifty.

We ended up spending a little over an hour there checking out all the tents and then we scarfed down our shortcakes in the one shady spot we could find.  In the firehouse with the ambulance (singular!), fire truck (singular!) and rescue boat (singular!) This is a small town, lol.

Tonight Duhdee and I have dinner reservations for our date night.  The restaurant is in an old log lodge overlooking the lake.  It’s not air-conditioned so we’ve got a table on the upper deck.  Of course, now, it’s starting to look like rain.  Figures!

Hmmm, maybe I’ll even try to post some of these blogs I have built up!  There’s really not a lot to do in town on a date night, lol.

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