Happy Father’s Day!

Duhdee is an amazing dad.  He is an extremely calm and giving man.  He is our everything.  He can wind the child up with wild games of swinging Monkey around by his ankles, he can soothe the wounded beast Monkey can turn into at the drop of a hat, he can stop Monkey in his misbehaving tracks with a word.  He does all the same for me…except for swinging me around by my ankles but he has been known to throw me over his shoulder, much to Monkey’s delight.

He is, at his core, a selfless person.  He lives for making others happy.  He lives for taking care of people.  I know for sure that I’ve never done anything to deserve him.  I’m convinced we found each other for the amazing little boy that we both dote on.  I thank my lucky Monkey that we both have him.

One thought on “Happy Father’s Day!

  • June 20, 2010 at 8:04 pm

    Man I love you so much!


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