I’m not good at New Year’s resolutions, in fact, the only way I’m able to avoid total failure is to not make any! Two years ago, I broke that time honored tradition and made two resolutions: be more positive and to worry less. I think I’m a more positive person now (yay for pharmaceuticals!) but the worry. Oh, the worry. I just don’t know how to address that. I’m a worrier and always have been.

wor·ry·wart  n. One who worries excessively and needlessly.

See also: fussbudget, fusspot.

I was called all THREE of those as a child! So that was a failure. I honestly don’t KNOW what to do about it. It leads to so much stress and anxiety…and those lead to headaches. Is it possible to change something that seems hardwired into your brain? Maybe this is a conversation for my doctor. Noted.

This is why resolutions fail, I never set concrete goals. If I’ve learned anything from writing IEPs it’s that I need measurable annual goals!

I’ll give this one more shot. For 2011…

  1. Lose the 20 lbs I regained this year. (You know what the biggest issue was here? The battery on my scale died and I stopped my weekly check-ins! Damn that battery!)
  2. Do 11 things I’ve never done before. That’s less than once a month, totally doable. I have one planned for January already, I’m taking a “Mom’s weekend” and, if we stay sober long enough, I’ll get a 2nd one in as well while I’m there.

One thought on “Resolutions.

  • January 5, 2011 at 4:33 am

    I like the do 11 things you have never done before… Thats a good one.


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