Are you ready to rrrrrrrrrumble?

We dropped Monkey off at school this morning and the teacher, oh-so-casually, mentioned that our invitation to his annul IEP review meeting was in his box.  Joy.

As soon as we’d punted Monkey into the loving arms of his teachers we huddled over the note in the hall.  It said there was an attendence sheet attached but there was NOT!  Mild panic…I wasn’t leaving until I knew who would be there so I sent poor Duhdee back in to ask for it. 

He came back and told me that all of Monkey’s therapists would be there as well as the teacher and the classroom staff and…dun dun dun…the school psychologist.  Before my eyes were fully filled with horror Duhdee told me that the teacher had quickly added that it was not the same one who made our lives hell at last year’s marathon IEP meetings.  Phew.

So Duhdee and I are actually debating about whether or not to invite our Ed. Advocate.  Do we never learn?  We’ve gone to exactly two meetings without her and we’ve had exactly two meetings blow up in our face.  In our defense, we have all already agreed that he will stay put in his current classroom for another year. 

What could possibly go wrong?

One thought on “Are you ready to rrrrrrrrrumble?

  • April 2, 2009 at 7:38 am

    Don’t leave anything to chance. You seem to always do better with your advocate there. Takes the pressure off both of you–that is what you pay her for.


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