It’s springtime!

Oh, how my heart just *sings* when we hit this time of year!  The robins are everywhere, my spring flowers are coming up, I start my garden preparation and we get to have IEP meetings!  I just love spring.

Next week we have Monkey’s annual review on Thursday.  We’ll only be discussing summer services and summer goals this time because we’ve been in the system now for 3 years.  You all know what that means!  It’s our turn for the re-evaluations!  @#$&%!  Oops, I mean, Yayyy!

We have a meeting with our advocate on Monday.  She’ll be coming to the annual review not because we expect anything contentious but because we want her up to speed for the 3 year re-evaluation process.  Not that we expect anything contentious to come up there either but, well, we’ve been down this road before. 

I really hate to say anything that will jinx the whole process but there has been a really big push from the new superintendent to get the SPED program to where it should be.  He’s heard about the issues parents across the district have been having with certain members of the SPED staff ((Ya’ll didn’t think it was just one crazy/high maintenance Umma having these issues, did you??))and he is committed to changing the tone of parent/administration interaction.  So, we at least know who to call if the meeting goes to hell!

Not that it will go to hell…

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