Make sure this is in your next IEP.

Once you write it in make sure your child’s teacher follows through 😉

This is a quote from on of the many handouts we have from Tracy & Mouse’s presentations. We ♥ Tracy & Mouse.

  • Simultaneous, not sequential learning. This is counterintuitive for many educators and therapists. Remember to teach by showing the finished product first, rather than through a sequential, step by step process.

This has been in Monkey’s IEP for a long time and yesterday Monkey’s new teacher saw the power of this approach for our kids.

She had a tabletop activity planned. It was a connect-the-dots worksheet of a jack-o-lantern. She demonstrated the activity (connecting the dots and coloring it) and explained how a jack-o-lantern differs from a pumpkin. She took care to point out that a jack-o-lantern is orange, has a stem on top and light shining through it’s eyes, nose and mouth. She wrote her name at the bottom of the sheet then left it on the table with Monkey while he and the other kids did the activity.

This is the result.

Every one of the points she made about a jack-o-lantern are accounted for.  He focused in on the details she was trying to teach!

For years they’ve been getting a similar result with hand over hand assistance and the first time they actually follow the IEP…look what we have!  Shocked doesn’t even begin to describe their reaction…or ours!  I actually followed up with the teacher this morning just to be sure he really and truly did this on his own…he did!

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