Now they are in for it.

Yesterday, during free play time, Monkey made a major discovery. He is tall. Tall enough to open the latches on the supply closets in his classroom where the teacher just happens to store all sorts of really cool craft supplies and snacks…

This might not not have been a huge deal if his teacher had noticed first and redirected him but noooooo…his classmates were the ones to notice this new development and they quickly decided to exploit it for all it was worth. “Hey! Monkey, get me the ____!” And Monkey, obediently got the _____. “Monkey, can I have the _____?” Yep, sure looks that way!

The teacher allowed the game (also referred to as “controlled” chaos) to continue because she didn’t want to break up the social interaction. SUCKER! There is NO way Monkey or the other kids are just going to forget about this. Here’s hoping she spent last night practicing her “firm” voice or she may discover she’s lost control of her classroom.

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