Sometimes I hate thinking up titles.

Monkey picked up a new word this weekend. Poor Duhdee was trying to get him dressed this AM and kept offering shirts only to be met with, “Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.” Ha!

Also, this morning I had a chance to talk to Monkey’s teacher while we waited for Monkey to walk into class and she told me that they’ve noticed some really big language developments lately! He is responding to multiple questions appropriately without getting fixated on the first answer. He’s actually listening to the next question and answering it appropriately.

And, as if that all weren’t enough, the district has finally hired a new Assistive Tech specialist. Our prior AT passed away just before Thanksgiving last year and the district has been without anyone to help Monkey with that ridiculously expensive AT device my insurance company paid for last fall. So…he’s still not using it. In fact, he sort of seems to hate it. They’ve got a long way to go to build trust before he’ll even work with her ((Unless she is blond and pretty, then he will be just fine.)) so it looks like another year of AT lost *sigh*

This also means we’re going to have to add “compensatory services” to our IEP discussions, not what I want anyone focusing on while we’re arguing for a full time aid for the Monkey-man next year since, by all appearances, he’s being mainstreamed for 1st grade…

I’m pretty sure a rock star could have made that mess into a coherent post…rock star fail! 😉

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