The explanation for that letter from the school district.

I spoke to Monkey’s teacher this morning, since she’s the teacher she is the team leader and I know (and love) her, I thought I would ask her about it.

So. Yes, it reads like a 3 year reevaluation but it’s really only an annual. Kindergarten is such a big year for kids and he’s come so far they want to repeat the evaluations again. I made her say ((Twice.)) that it’s an annual meeting. So we are ALL clear.

And I’m still e-mailing Super Advocate copies of everything before I sign anything.

OH! Also! They hired another assistive tech specialist so the district is back up to two…from zero in November when our tech specialist passed away. That’s the good news. The gooder ((It’s Monkey Monday (geeze), cut me some grammatical slack!)) news is that his teacher acknowledged that Monkey has not received any of his tech services since November and that the school must make them up. The less good news…the new specialist has been assigned to Monkey’s school so we are transitioning to our 3rd tech specialist in 5 months which means she isn’t going to know how to use Monkey’s device and will need training…which will be the 3rd training session we’ve had to set up with the device manufacturer.

Oh, and, Monkey hates the device. You know, the one we fought for two years to get my insurance company to buy for him? Yeah, that one…ugh. We knew he wasn’t a fan of it at home but no one has said anything about him refusing to use it at school before. The teacher confirmed this morning, when I brought it up, that he hates it and does everything he can to avoid using it…which has resulted in him popping out with some new words…he’ll say anything to avoid the stupid thing. Not precisely what we were going for…

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