Way too much pressure!

One of the academic areas that Caleb is included is “Writing Workshop.” This is when the kids all spend time…writing. Caleb doesn’t write. His fine motor skills are terrible so the only thing he can write semi-legibly is his name ((and we’ve been working on that for ages)) and he’s still working on learning words…stringing sentences together isn’t really happening yet. With those considerations in mind, this would seem like a terrible time to have him in the room working.

This is where having a great teacher comes in. For the last year we have been emailing pictures from Caleb’s weekend to his teacher with a quick note. The idea was that they could then ask him about his weekend and/or help him tell the other kids about his weekend. For me it was all about social skills and weaving him into the fabric of the classroom. Caleb’s new teacher, however, saw much more potential here. She is now printing the pictures out as a full page each and binding them together with blank paper. Caleb is sitting in writing workshop writing stories about things he has done! It’s an absolutely brilliant idea and a perfect example of why we love her.

There is one slight problem though…he’s out of pictures for stories! I haven’t been able to keep up with them! I need to figure out what I can send along tomorrow night so he can continue on Monday. I’m at a loss. I’m pretty sure I can’t win here…if I scramble and come up with something, Hurricane Sandy will result in a school closure and if I fail, the Hurricane will completely miss us and he will be story-less for Monday.

I really thought I was beyond having to stress out over a homework assignment! Apparently not, it’s just one more perk of parenting my little Monkey!

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