We did not sign it.

We also did not reject it.  I left a note for the teacher which pointed out that we had agreed to sign the new IEP on very specific conditions and that they had dramatically exceeded those conditions.  We also let them know we will have a response after we discuss the situation with our advocate.

As for our advocate, talk about a sign!  When we got home from the IEP meeting from hell there was an invoice from her in my inbox.  It was sent in error since we had paid in full last spring and haven’t needed her assistance since then.  It struck me as being very odd, though, that the first day we need her we get an automated note from her accounting program.  Do you suppose Quicken has ESP? lol.

**Edited to add** The teacher left a voice-mail apologizing for the IEP (what??) and asking to meet with us and the school psychologist tomorrow at 10 AM or on the 25th.   No.  Tomorrow is day 2 of the Fragile X clinic which they KNOW about and the 25th I have large closing.   I really need to be concentrating on work here and it’s become impossible. *sigh*

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