Solo morning drop off, done!

Duhdee is snowmobiling in Maine this weekend.  Monkey and I dropped him off at the train station last night which means Umma got to do the morning drop-off solo.  To quote Great Grampy, “Ohhh, boy!”

Our morning drop-offs have been improving, it is true, but they’re still not what anyone would call fun.  It . . . → Read More: Solo morning drop off, done!

Decluttering for the price of a stamp.

Duhdee and I have been flooded with arts and craft projects since Monkey started pre-school last September. 

He’d never had the interest or the attention span before to really work on anything with us or his therapists but now that he’s in a classroom he’s discovered his inner artiste.  He’s also discovered a muse…or . . . → Read More: Decluttering for the price of a stamp.

Monkey had a substitute.

After school Duhdee learned that Monkey’s teacher left during the day for an appointment and a substitute was called in.  A man. 

Now, Monkey is very attached to his Duhdee but he has very little use for other men.  In fact, he has very little use for anyone who isn’t female and a brunette.  . . . → Read More: Monkey had a substitute.

We got snow!

Seriously, living in New England I shouldn’t act so surprised but in the Boston metro area we don’t get very many big storms.  I think this is only our 2nd or 3rd this winter.  Usually, we just get a dusting or nasty rain/snow/sleet mixes.

Duhdee (with a little prompting from Umma) built a small . . . → Read More: We got snow!

Sleeping on the floor update.

It hasn’t been a cure-all but maybe an improvement.

Out of the 6 nights that Monkey has slept on the floor he has slept through the night 3 times. The other 3 nights he woke up 5 times, 3 times and 2 times. The night he woke up 5 times was really the only . . . → Read More: Sleeping on the floor update.

Sleeping on the floor…

In anticipation of a visit at the FX clinic in early March, we’ve been keeping a sleep chart for Monkey for the last month. We’ve been experiencing MONTHS of repeated wake ups with him (3-7 times each night) and finally decided we need some help. We’ve done everything all our “experts” can tell us . . . → Read More: Sleeping on the floor…


Monkey will be 4 in May and is largely non-verbal.  We’ve been seeing lots of signs lately that expressive language is coming along (his receptive language has always been very strong) and we are very excited! 

Since he was born I’ve made it a habit to sing a bunch of different songs to him.  He’s been signing along to Itsy Bitsy Spider for quite a long time but recently I’ve been trying to get him to sing some songs WITH me.  Continue reading Singing!

Hacked. Boo!

Someone hacked our server this past week.  Duhdee discovered the problem on Friday night just before bedtime.  He spent most of Friday night working to backup all the sites so the server could be rebuilt.  Yesterday, was spent in trying to recover.  There are still many hours of uploading ahead of him as he . . . → Read More: Hacked. Boo!

Monkey is a YouTube surfer.

Duhdee and I are both big fans of computers so it’s probably no surprise that Monkey is as well.  One of Monkey’s favorite activities is to surf YouTube.

Continue reading Monkey is a YouTube surfer.