Preparing for battle.

This is sad, sad, sad but Duhdee and I are already gearing up for some more fights with the school system.  I wonder at what point we will give up and just move.   We don’t want to move.  Five generations of Duhdee’s family have lived in this house.  We like our neighbors, a lot.  . . . → Read More: Preparing for battle.

L-Acetyl Carnitine and Fragile X

This is a supplement that was tested in boys with FX with symptoms of ADHD.  There is some info on it here and here.  Both of the Drs. we saw at Children’s were in favor of trying this before trying any sort of stimulant medication.  They prefer the l-acetyl carnitine vs. l-carnitine which is . . . → Read More: L-Acetyl Carnitine and Fragile X

Oh, crap.

A quick update on the phrase du jour…Monkey seems to be tiring of it!  I’m glad because this means we won’t have an entire pre-school classroom saying “Oh, crap!” but it’s also a little sad because, as bad as it sounds, I think it’s freaking cute.  He will still say it once in a . . . → Read More: Oh, crap.

Don’t mind me, I’m just part of the entourage.

Taking Monkey to the Fragile X Clinic is like being part of an entourage.  From the moment we step off the elevator he is greeted by e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e.  Duhdee and I are just background.  Word of his arrival flies through the clinic and people we are not even scheduled to see make a point to track . . . → Read More: Don’t mind me, I’m just part of the entourage.

How’s this for cool?

Over the weekend, while Duhdee and I were at the conference, Monkey stayed with my Mom & sister.  He had a great time right up until he saw our truck pull up to the house and then he started getting upset.  All the stress and worry came out when he saw us, poor kid!

. . . → Read More: How’s this for cool?

Nooooo!!! (unabridged version)

Yesterday afternoon, Monkey lost his very first tooth.  We’re not sure when it even happened. We didn’t even know any of his teeth were loose, so I guess it didn’t bother him very much!

Duhdee and Monkey were outside when Duhdee noticed it.  He fuh-reaked out when he realized Monkey was missing a tooth…he . . . → Read More: Nooooo!!! (unabridged version)


Monkey lost his first tooth today.  Bottom center, the other is loose too.  My baby is growing up *SOB*

Fragile X Conference

This past Saturday the Fragile X Society of Connecticut hosted a conference at the University of Connecticut Health Center.  We left Monkey with my parents in Maine and made the trek down there with high expectations.  It was fantastic!  So fantastic that I can honestly say it was worth having to get . . . → Read More: Fragile X Conference

If you were a fly on the wall in our house lately

you would hear…

Monkey drops a toy, “Crap!” 

Monkey watches YouTube videos, “Craaaaap, craaaaaap, crap.”

Monkey sees Duhdee with his drill, “Crap!  Crap! Crap! Pwease?”

Monkey and Duhdee drive Umma to the train station.  “Craaaaap! Praaap!  Crap!” 

*Sigh*  He’ll get tired of the word eventually, right?  It’s really hard to ignore.  Duhdee tried to . . . → Read More: If you were a fly on the wall in our house lately