I am thankful…

…for parents who taught me that rewards come to those who work hard and sacrifice in the short-term.

…for in-laws who love and accept me unconditionally.

…for grandparents who have always made time for me even though I’ve not been very good . . . → Read More: I am thankful…

Sure, a school performance sounds just *perfect*…

When I was younger I hated school performances. I always felt a little sick to my stomach before any school concerts and I once passed out on stage during an performance of one of Aesop’s fables. It involved me wearing a hairy ape glove/mitten. I really just don’t know. All I do know is I . . . → Read More: Sure, a school performance sounds just *perfect*…

We have the coolest teacher!

Monkey’s teacher is the bomb. She was the perfect person for this new pilot classroom! Not only does she have the required dual certifications, that was a given, but she has something else that’s not something you can be taught as readily…she is flexible. Of course she has her lesson plans and a schedule . . . → Read More: We have the coolest teacher!


You know how sometimes I let my excitement or, more frequently, my anxiety get away from me and I build up these totally innocuous occasions into SITUATIONS and then I come back here and just say, “Meh”? This is totally not one of those times!

This morning we had our first ever official PARENT TEACHER . . . → Read More: The PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE.


Guess what we’re going to do tomorrow for the first time EVER?

Duhdee and I get to go to our very first…PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE. Not an IEP meeting! An honest to Betsy PARENT FREAKING TEACHER CONFERENCE! There will be no attendance sheet, no progress report to add to his monstrous IEP file, no one . . . → Read More: GUESS WHAT! GUESS WHAT! GUESS WHAT!

It’s a DOVER!

Monkey is going through a very intense YouTube phase. Obviously, YouTube itself isn’t the phase. The child has been obsessed with YouTube for ages, it is what motivated him to learn to use a computer in the first place. The clips he watches on YouTube change as his interests change.

Right now we are . . . → Read More: It’s a DOVER!

Welcome, Giraffe.

I checked the folder Monkey carries between school and home each day and look what I found…

Monkey tells me that this is “Giraffe” and I kinda love him…

a lot…

. . . → Read More: Welcome, Giraffe.

How many of you are guilty of this too?

I know just about every mom falls into this trap but I think it’s especially true of moms of kids with special needs. In an effort to be good mom or, in my case, to encourage whatever bits of successful communication I heard from my little Monkey, we become very responsive…in my case, perhaps . . . → Read More: How many of you are guilty of this too?

Welcome to Holland

I’ve had a rocky relationship with this well-known bit of writing. It has comforted me and it has angered me. I actually took a great deal of comfort in it in the first few dark days when I was in such shock. I needed some sort of hope that it would all turn out . . . → Read More: Welcome to Holland