We have the coolest teacher!

Monkey’s teacher is the bomb. She was the perfect person for this new pilot classroom! Not only does she have the required dual certifications, that was a given, but she has something else that’s not something you can be taught as readily…she is flexible. Of course she has her lesson plans and a schedule for how a day will go but she recognizes spontaneous learning opportunities and jumps on them eagerly. Very impressive in a teacher who’s leading her very first classroom, no?

This morning, Monkey wanted to bring a ball in the truck. I asked him if he wanted to show it to his best bud and he ignored me. That is generally as good as a “No,” so when we got to school I was surprised to see Monkey getting out of his seat clutching the ball. He told me “bounce” and said his friend’s name! OK!

I had to carry the ball into the classroom because the temptation to throw it during that transition would have been too much for him to resist. I wanted to encourage this social exchange but I did want to stop short of creating a circus. Like I said, I LIKE his teacher, lol.

We realized that his friend wasn’t yet there so I continued holding the ball while Monkey checked in to class. One of the other kids asked why I had a Buzz Lightyear ball and I explained that Buzz was Caleb’s favorite cartoon character. Any chance to teach them about my little guy is taken advantage of!

Just then, Monkey’s friend ((I really need to give him a blog name!)) arrived! Monkey’s teacher, to whom I had already explained what was going on, was so excited by all of this that she decided to reward Monkey and his friend with some impromptu ball play in the small, fenced yard they have attached to the class! I asked the teacher if she wanted to keep the ball for the day and she was thrilled.

When we left they were going out the door together and I heard her telling the other kids they would ALL get a chance to play with Monkey because he is “such a good sharer.”

So, yeah, I think I sort of ended up creating that circus after all but, fortunately, his teacher was willing to embrace her inner Ring Master. I love that in a teacher!

OH! Another reason I love his teacher? Yesterday, at the PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE, when Monkey was walking around with a sandwhich bag on his hand talking about picking up “poot,” she suggested we give him some fake poop for Christmas, LMAO. How could I not love this woman?

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