Now I am going to talk about the IEP meeting…sort of.

I’m not going to get into details because nothing was decided. The meeting ended up being a forum for the school to argue their case for Monkey’s placement for next year. We were not surprised by anything we heard. We had read the reports and could discern the direction they were leaning. Duhdee and . . . → Read More: Now I am going to talk about the IEP meeting…sort of.

I am not going to talk about the IEP meeting.

Traditionally when we have sucky IEP meetings we work it out over time so we’re happy. I’m going to have to assume that this will be the case again this time or I’m going to scream. Hmmm, wait, did that already. Perhaps I’ll text *someone* a string of expletives. Oh…wait, did that already too! . . . → Read More: I am not going to talk about the IEP meeting.


Earlier today Monkey and I stepped out to escort the dogs to the facilities1. As we stood there, one of the little girls in the neighborhood, I would put her around 8 or 9 years old, walked past us. Monkey silently watched her approach, I was surprised that he wasn’t yelling “Hi! How you . . . → Read More: Rawr!

Ten days, gone.

I know I’ve been MIA here for a bit. Duhdee had back surgery and I took on all the household tasks for a while there. It’s not easy being two people, especially when you have a little Monkey who’s a little thrown off by all the changes in routine. Fortunately for me, we have an . . . → Read More: Ten days, gone.

He always has his own twist!

Earlier Duhdee asked Monkey to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. Since Monkey doesn’t call me Mother or Mommy or any of those traditional names he put his own twist on his declaration.

“Happy! Money! DAY!”

And yes, I understand that’s totally improper punctuation but that is exactly how my boy talks. He lives . . . → Read More: He always has his own twist!

A new word.

Earlier today, Duhdee was putting our newly repaired screens back in the front window1 when Monkey busted out a new word.

And I do, I totally do love it.

Monkey had poked holes in ALL of them, punk. [↩]

Wow, you’re good!

I asked earlier today that you keep your fingers crossed for a quicker surgery date for Duhdee…surgery is now set for a week from today. Holy cwap, folks!

Will you keep your fingers crossed for me to win the lottery next? 😉

Yeah, he totally loves me.

Monkey used to have a particular way he liked to greet me…basically crying, demanding that I put on pajamas and, uh, more crying. Also, some puking.

Lately, though, he’s been much nicer to me when he sees me. I think the anxiety medication has a lot to do with that. There are two that . . . → Read More: Yeah, he totally loves me.

Possibly a bowl, definitely pottery.

I just found this, wrapped carefully, in Monkey’s backpack.

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I assume that Monkey made this. I also assume it’s supposed to be a bowl. Whatever it is, it is our first bit of school-made pottery…and I love it.