The future is?

I cannot even begin to guess how many times my worries have turned toward the future since our diagnosis. There have been so many nights of tossing and turning as I worried and wondered, “Will Monkey ever…walk, talk, be potty trained, have seizures, learn to read, learn to count, tell me he loves me, . . . → Read More: The future is?

Miami 2012!

The registration and schedule page for the 13th International Fragile X Conference, scheduled for July 25th through July 29th, 2012 in Miami, FL, is UP!

You can save $110 by signing up early!

13th International Fragile X Conference

Pinch me.

It’s hard to believe but, this morning, Eric and I attended an IEP meeting with Monkey’s teachers and his specialists and we left the meeting laughing. We have meetings scheduled every 4-6 weeks per his IEP and we love being able to touch base so frequently. We have daily contact with his main teacher . . . → Read More: Pinch me.

So you have decided to attend Advocacy Day!

First, let me say…if you are on the fence and you are letting your carrier anxiety hold you back just pop on over to the NFXF’s beautiful, new website right now and sign up. Do it real quick, don’t think. Just…do it. Advocacy Day is March 6th and 7th 5th and 6th1 in Washington . . . → Read More: So you have decided to attend Advocacy Day!