Fruit Loop

Yesterday, Caleb grabbed a store flyer as we left the drugstore. When we got to the truck he very clearly asked for Fruit Loops, “little ones.” Today we went to the grocery store to buy him some because he’s been very persistent. He has also been a very reluctant eater in the mornings . . . → Read More: Fruit Loop

For the parents of typical kids.

I want to talk a bit about inclusion or integration. A lot of people throw those words around and, based on conversations I and other friends have had,

I think a lot of it is a generational thing. When I was younger, this concept simply did not exist. If you needed extra help you . . . → Read More: For the parents of typical kids.

Harlem Shake It.

This morning as we were walking out the door to go to school, Caleb grabbed a green beach ball to bring with him. He will often grab a toy (or a bucket of toys) on his way out the door…he’s the king of picking his own transition items! Normally he will take whatever item(s) . . . → Read More: Harlem Shake It.

My kid is kind of a big deal.

I mentioned that we took part in a video wayyyy back in 2011, the final version is now up and published on the web page for Boston Children’s Hospital’s Fragile X Syndrome Program but I neglected to share it! I’m so proud of how well Caleb did, he’s going to share this with his . . . → Read More: My kid is kind of a big deal.