Early morning experiments.

We have already had a busy morning of learning! What have we learned?

If you use too much cooking spray on the griddle when pretending to warm your pizza, it will make the crust soggy and gross. How much cooking spray is too much? Somewhere between ANY (Money’s opinion) and most of a can . . . → Read More: Early morning experiments.

Look into his eyes….

I’m not going to say it out loud yet but…do you see what I see?

It’s back!! I think it’s too soon for it to be the Celexa but it’s been ages since we saw this last. I missed it . . . → Read More: Look into his eyes….

Back to school for Caleb means…back to school for us, too.

This morning, Eric and I spoke to the 3rd grade at Caleb’s school about fragile X and Caleb. We did this last October but we wanted to get in there early this year so, one week in, and we’re done. Caleb’s teacher and the other inclusion teachers were all very excited that we were . . . → Read More: Back to school for Caleb means…back to school for us, too.

It’s a new year.

On Tuesday, Caleb went back to school. This always seems to me to be the logical start of a “new year” rather than January 1st. After all, our lives will be measured in school days for at least another decade, right? So because of that and because of some conversations with my BFF, . . . → Read More: It’s a new year.

What we haven’t lost.

Since losing the STX209 we’ve lost a lot. We’ve lost the ability to spontaneously change our plans for the day, we’ve lost the ability to take Caleb to large gatherings, we’ve lost the ability to take Caleb confidently out into public period. His anxiety is…I have no words for it.

What kills me is . . . → Read More: What we haven’t lost.