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  • All the fall hair colors!! Red, blonde, red violet, copper fall hair.

  • More cool free fonts!

  • Just discovered Mother of Thyme - I would love if my entire lawn could be these flowers. I would definately settle for a row along the side of the house!

  • eba641784b267e7fba03f9a0d85e84f9.jpg 264ร—520 pixels

  • Traum Haarfarbe: DEEP PURPLE! Spielst Du auch mit den Gedanken die Haare Violett fรคrben zu lassen? - Neue Frisur

  • Deep red purple ombre


  • Brunette hair color with burnished blonde highlights Curly long brunette hair

  • Dark red violet plum balayage

  • Look at this Gray & Wood Sabine Semi-Circle Bench on #zulily today!

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How to break Monkey’s heart?

Tell him you are going to take the Christmas tree down this weekend.

I asked him what day today is, he responded “Friday.” I asked him what day tomorrow would be, he made a little whimpering sound and said “Take tree down.”

I’m really glad right now that we have a live tree because if it was artificial I’m not sure I’d have the heart to take it down after that…and I really need that square footage back!