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  • Overlapping sheers, very soft and romantic. To make it a bit less formal, let some of the panels drape a bit more loosely

  • The best free fonts for fall to use for fall projects, designs, and decor.

  • Vintage & Retro Inspired Free Font Combinations - Yellow Bliss Road

  • The KonMari Method for organizing clothes-- I have to try this! |

  • Gentle, spring colors on a special decorate your festive table in a bright holiday - Easter. Use turquoise, green and warm brown shades for table decorations and you will be pleasantly surprise guests.

  • Gentle, spring mix of colors is useful for decoration of a bedroom or the whole apartment in Shabby Chic. This palette consists of muted colors that are so.

  • Fall Color Palettes. Just can't say how much I love these colors. They feel like home to me...

  • Winding Tones -

  • my whole home color palette

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How to break Monkey’s heart?

Tell him you are going to take the Christmas tree down this weekend.

I asked him what day today is, he responded “Friday.” I asked him what day tomorrow would be, he made a little whimpering sound and said “Take tree down.”

I’m really glad right now that we have a live tree because if it was artificial I’m not sure I’d have the heart to take it down after that…and I really need that square footage back!