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  • A little bigger than a Teeny Tiny House, but still cute. Love the colors.

  • <3 The Welin Family <3

  • From Crafty Texas Girls, a handsome bathroom redo with white subway tiles and dark gray grout that complement the marble floors and Sherwin-Williams paint in Lazy Gray.

  • Easy DIY Wood Table Runner... Just need a hot glue gun!!!

  • Attic room

  • Fonts for Scrapbooking Disney's Hollywood Studios at

  • Staircase photos - if we were to do photos in the front instead of GR wall - choose black frames with black and white as shown above

  • Lifestyle | The Party DIY - love this floor, looks good with the grey walls and white trim

  • Dark floors. White trim. Warm walls. I want to do this color combination but add the black doors. Or at least try one black to see how I like it

  • White cabinets, grey walls, neutral backslash, dark island--design by Carolina Design Associates -- want darker floors, different stools

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Toys, who needs toys?

This morning Monkey realized that Eggy was missing!  Oh, no!  He looked in the basket where all the empty plastic eggs are and came running to me empty handed, “Eggy?”  I looked under the couch, always the most likely hiding spot when something has gone missing, and found 1/2 of Eggy.  Monkey grabbed it from my hand and ran off.  I was on my own to find the other 1/2, apparently.  Just as I was checking one of his toy bins Monkey strolled into the room with an intact Eggy.  Oh.

At some point, Monkey set Eggy down.  After we finished breakfast I heard, “Eggy, are you?  Are you?” clear as day.  I suggested that Eggy might be in his bedroom and Monkey took off running.  When I got there he was looking around saying “Eggy, oh no!”  I guessed that Eggy was on the bed somewhere, the second most likely hiding spot when something has gone missing, so I pulled back the covers to reveal…”Eggy!  Eggy!”  Monkey took a moment from the tender reunion to tell me “Welcome!”  Uh, almost.

Who would have ever thought that a cheap, blue plastic egg could make someone’s face light up like a Christmas tree?  I guess it sure is a good thing we’ve never bothered buying him actual toys *insert eye roll*