He can communicate just fine!

Just before bed Monkey was watching an episode of The Backyardigans and I was practicing my knitting. I was concentrating so I didn’t see him go get my umbrella out of my bag and when he put it on my lap I just set it aside without giving it a thought. He wasn’t having that though, he picked it up again and put it in my hands (on top of my knitting.) This is the conversation that ensued:

“It’s an umbrella. Why do I need an umbrella?”

Monkey points to the window and makes the sign for rain.

“Yes, it’s raining outside. Why do I need an umbrella?”

He signs bye, bye!

He’s simply brilliant, eh? He wanted to go for a walk, lol.

Story from EI visit today.

Every time the folks at EI visit they leave a report of the visit, this story from today is too cute not to share.

“Met Monkey at home with his dad. He seemed tired and dad thought he might be getting sick. Monkey hadn’t taken a nap yet today and he started to cry and lay down when we were trying to play. We decided to take a break and watch a Signing Time video. We practiced the signs for different zoo animals. When they started to make the sign for crocodile, Monkey went over to get his book of animals. He started to flip through the pages to find the picture of the crocodile, when he found it, he pointed and made the sign. Later when the video was demonstrating the sign for monkey, I asked “Where’s the monkey?” and Monkey found the picture and pointed.”

Pretty smart cookie, isn’t he?

Who is up for a Monday morning rave?

Amazing day so far! This morning Monkey joined me on my commute because Duhdee had jury duty and Monkey needed to go to daycare. I was a little stressed out, none of us slept very well last night, but it went super once we managed to wake Monkey up, lol. He so did not want to get out of bed today! I had to wake him up 3 times, the last time I picked him up and put him on the couch so he couldn’t keep rolling over and pulling the blanket back over his head. Sheesh, just like his dad!

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