Who is up for a Monday morning rave?

Amazing day so far! This morning Monkey joined me on my commute because Duhdee had jury duty and Monkey needed to go to daycare. I was a little stressed out, none of us slept very well last night, but it went super once we managed to wake Monkey up, lol. He so did not want to get out of bed today! I had to wake him up 3 times, the last time I picked him up and put him on the couch so he couldn’t keep rolling over and pulling the blanket back over his head. Sheesh, just like his dad!

We caught the bus, he was so excited to get on the bus and he sat next to me just like a big boy. When we got to Harvard he waved “bye” to the bus driver, lol. He walked up the stairs into the station and then asked for his stroller…the rest was a breeze! A very kind neighbor made sure we got on the train. It was really crowded! He did really well. No fussing at all and given the close quarters I fully expected some. He even initiated contact with a gentleman on the train. He kept touching the guy’s paper, lol. The man spoke to him and he didn’t flip out! Woo hoo!

We got off the train downtown and walked to the daycare center. Monkey boy was so excited! There were trucks and buses everywhere. He was laughing and bouncing in his seat. People walking past were all grinning at him, his good mood was contagious. Once we reached the daycare he didn’t fuss at ALL! He ran over to the play area and just dove right in. I had to go pull his coat off him. He has a playmate there today the same age, they’ve played together in the past too. The staff was all so excited to see him, his favorite staff member showed up just as I was leaving too. When I left, he waved to me through the fish tank and went back to his book. Amazing, I tell you!

Really cool note, before I left I ran through a couple of Monkey’s favorite/most common signs and one of the staff members told me they’d bought a sign language book so they could look up any of his signs! How cool is that? That place rocks!

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