Solo morning drop off, done!

Duhdee is snowmobiling in Maine this weekend.  Monkey and I dropped him off at the train station last night which means Umma got to do the morning drop-off solo.  To quote Great Grampy, “Ohhh, boy!”

Our morning drop-offs have been improving, it is true, but they’re still not what anyone would call fun.  It takes BOTH of us to get him in the door, down the ramp and to his classroom.  I walk ahead with bribes (M&Ms) and coax him to walk to me.  Duhdee walks with him and peels him off the floor whenever Monkey does his “Look Ma, no bones!” trick.

Once we are within 6 feet of the classroom door, Duhdee has to drag/carry him into the room.  He used to carry him ALL the way into the school but then Monkey started hitting Duhdee in the face trying to get put down (it was a brilliant delay tactic but we saw through it) so now he has to use his OWN feet and walk like a big boy.

You can imagine how excited I was about this morning.  How was I going to both walk ahead to coax him *AND* keep him on his feet?  I improvised.  I would aim him in the right direction and only get a few steps in front.  I promised M’s at all the normal spots.  It worked pretty well too!  He only flopped to the ground 3 times and the last time was when we were right outside the door like every morning.   So not too bad.

Once we were in the classroom one of his lovelies came to see him.  He sat on the floor and let me take his coat off with minimal fuss.  THEN instead of going to the sink for his morning bubble play he signed “Baby Fish” and pointed.  He wanted to show me the fish tank!  After we took a peek he went to the reading nook to visit with the HUGE stuffed bear and his friend joined him again for a bit of tickling.  I said good-bye as he grabbed his friends hand and brought it to his belly to ask for more, lol.

The teacher wanted to share a cute story as I walked out so I lingered just long enough to see his friend bring him by the hand to the “swing room” (the OT room which is connected to the classroom.)  They were redirected by one of the aides because it is NOT swing room day and they took off, hand in hand, to find something else to play.  Just so sweet.  He’s going to miss “his” girls next year.  They will be old enough to move up to Jr. K next fall and Monkey will most likely be staying in the same classroom for another year.  He may catch up to one or more of them again in Kindergarten but we have school choice options so they could end up anywhere in the city.  We’re not yet certain which school we will be requesting for Monkey.

Decluttering for the price of a stamp.

Duhdee and I have been flooded with arts and craft projects since Monkey started pre-school last September. 

He’d never had the interest or the attention span before to really work on anything with us or his therapists but now that he’s in a classroom he’s discovered his inner artiste.  He’s also discovered a muse…or rather muses (what can I say he’s a ladies man.)  The result is that we are now bringing home tons of paintings, drawings and pasting projects. 

We pick our favorites and toss the rest but we still have TONS of art projects.  What to do?  I finally had a brainstorm.  We live over an hour from both sets of Monkey’s grandparents and what better way to share him with them than sharing his creative endeavors?   They certainly seem to appreciate it and I appreciate seeing the top of my dining room table, lol.

We still have a ton of projects, we brought home another 7 or 8 this morning.  I think perhaps I need to expand my mailing list.  Anyone want an original piece by Monkey?  Only the joint project with one of his muses is off limits.  I think her love note to him written across the top makes this one memory box worthy…as soon as I find out which of the lovelies wrote it.  I’ve narrowed it down to 3, lol.

Monkey had a substitute.

After school Duhdee learned that Monkey’s teacher left during the day for an appointment and a substitute was called in.  A man. 

Now, Monkey is very attached to his Duhdee but he has very little use for other men.  In fact, he has very little use for anyone who isn’t female and a brunette.  He knows what he likes and he has a way of letting you, and anyone within earshot, know if he doesn’t like you much.

So here we have an unexpected change in routine (teacher leaving) and a strange man added to the mix and you have a recipe for….

An awesome day?  He didn’t actively try to escape from the classroom and the stranger’s presence, he didn’t just tolerate the poor guy’s existance (which is generally the best case scenario in my experience)…he PLAYED with him.  He sat on the floor with this strange man and engaged him.  Color me thouroughly confused. 

This boy really likes to keep us completely off balance, I guess, because I can’t think of any other man he’s done this with other than Duhdee in almost 4 years of life.  What happened?

We got snow!

Seriously, living in New England I shouldn’t act so surprised but in the Boston metro area we don’t get very many big storms.  I think this is only our 2nd or 3rd this winter.  Usually, we just get a dusting or nasty rain/snow/sleet mixes.

Duhdee (with a little prompting from Umma) built a small hill in the backyard for Monkey to go sledding on.  It was quite a hit.  I know you can’t really see his face very well…call me paranoid…but I think you can see how excited he was, lol.


Sleeping on the floor update.

It hasn’t been a cure-all but maybe an improvement.

Out of the 6 nights that Monkey has slept on the floor he has slept through the night 3 times. The other 3 nights he woke up 5 times, 3 times and 2 times. The night he woke up 5 times was really the only bad night. He was basically up from 3:30 AM to 6:30 AM when I gave up on putting him back to bed. The other two nights he woke up thirsty and went back to sleep quickly after he found his cup of water and we likely wouldn’t have known he’d woken up if he had been able to find his cup easily.

In the 3 weeks prior to his new sleeping arrangements he slept through 0 times, 3 times, 1 time. He had 6 really bad nights (3+ wake ups). 3 of those really bad nights occured during the week he didn’t sleep through at all. That was an awful week for everyone!

So I guess it looks promising but is not at all conclusive. We’ll just keep on plugging and hopefully good nights start to become habit for him. Please?

Sleeping on the floor…

In anticipation of a visit at the FX clinic in early March, we’ve been keeping a sleep chart for Monkey for the last month. We’ve been experiencing MONTHS of repeated wake ups with him (3-7 times each night) and finally decided we need some help. We’ve done everything all our “experts” can tell us to no avail. He falls asleep easily but cannot stay asleep. Sometimes he will go back to sleep after he wakes up but other times he’s up for HOURS. It’s exhausting.

A couple days ago, however, he seemed to want to sleep on the floor. Now, he’s always been one to slowly slip out of bed at night but we usually put him back in bed and he continues to sleep without waking. This time he actively wanted to sleep on the floor. So I gathered his blankets and pillow and let him. He slept for 7 straight hours!

We’ve been trying to put him in his bed each night since he seems to need to fall asleep there initially but at his first wake up he’s pretty insistent on sleeping on the floor. I have to say, he is sleeping MUCH better (never more than 2 wake ups so far and no staying up) but I do feel a bit guilty about it. A bed seems so much cozier but I guess I just have to let him lead on this. I’ve heard that it’s related to sensory issues but I’m not sure if that’s really true or not. I’d probably feel better if he’d keep his covers on but he usually loses them and this drafty, old house gets a bit chilly at night…especially on the floor.


Monkey will be 4 in May and is largely non-verbal.  We’ve been seeing lots of signs lately that expressive language is coming along (his receptive language has always been very strong) and we are very excited! 

Since he was born I’ve made it a habit to sing a bunch of different songs to him.  He’s been signing along to Itsy Bitsy Spider for quite a long time but recently I’ve been trying to get him to sing some songs WITH me.  Read more

Hacked. Boo!

Someone hacked our server this past week.  Duhdee discovered the problem on Friday night just before bedtime.  He spent most of Friday night working to backup all the sites so the server could be rebuilt.  Yesterday, was spent in trying to recover.  There are still many hours of uploading ahead of him as he tries to restore service to everyone affected.   What a waste of time because someone was bored and wanted to be a pest.

I believe we lost a submission to the web ring as well so if you made a request to join and are not listed on the web ring please re-submit.