Amazing what a pillow can do…

A few weeks ago we tried to give Monkey a pillow in his crib.  He’d never had one before and he didn’t seem to want one.  He would try to throw it out of the crib or sleep on the opposite end of the crib from it. 

Then we went to stay with Grammy and Auntie.  Monkey was using the pillows there, he even tried to steal MINE.  A couple nights ago I decided to try again with the pillow in the crib and wouldn’t you know it, he LOVES it.  Instead of scooting and rolling all over the crib all night he stays put sleeping with his head on that pillow.  It’s amazing.  It gives me hope that he’ll be able to sleep in a big boy bed soon.

I wonder how long before he’ll sleep with sheets and a blanket other than his favorite blanky?

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