A busy day today for Monkey!

Today is the 100th day of school celebration (school wide), Superhero Day (school wide/part of Spirit Week – He’s wearing a Spiderman t-shirt and underwear though he has no clue who Spiderman is), Valentine’s Day and a good-bye party for one of his assistant teachers.  Phew. 

We just heard yesterday about the Valentine’s Day bit so last night Duhdee and I made up some Valentines.  I’m going to give Duhdee equal credit here because he used a razor blade to make the slits where the lollipop sticks pass through the butterfly and probably saved me a digit or two!  I think they’re super cute.




The butterfly pattern was from Skip to My Lou.  She has tons of great ideas!  I didn’t have enough googly eyes so we added antennae instead.

I sure hope Monkey enjoys his day and doesn’t get too hyperaroused by the jam packed schedule!

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