Yick! It’s not what you’d expect.

We have a built-in cabinet in our dining room and it’s filled with framed pictures of friends and family.  Two days ago Monkey began pointing at one of the photos and exclaiming “Yick!” 

We are so excited!  You see, he’s pointing at a picture of one of his cousins and NAMING him.  This morning I dug out a wallet sized photo of Yick and let Monkey have it.  I really have to wonder what else is in that brain of his that he hasn’t yet managed to get out. 

After nearly 5 years I had lost a bit of my belief that we’d ever experience this discovery of language with him.   I still hoped we would but I was resigning myself to a lifetime of not hearing him communicate verbally.  Now I’m getting greedy.  I want more, now!  Please?

2 thoughts on “Yick! It’s not what you’d expect.

  • February 12, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    WARNING: You may want it and wonder why it took so long but when they master it….they don’t shut up…EVER!! 😉


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