A Christmas conversation.

I realized last night that, in all my eagerness to get Monkey excited about the pending visit from Santa Claus, I’ve left out the whole bit about good boys and girls getting presents from Santa.  I decided to drop that little bomb on Monkey last night.

Umma:  Is Santa going to bring you presents?

Monkey:  Yesss!

Umma:  You know only good boys and girls get presents from Santa, right? 

Monkey: … (he just looks at me out of the corner of his eye.)

Umma:  Good boys and girls get presents from Santa.  Naughty boys and girls don’t.  Have you been a good boy this year?

Monkey: …..(in a whisper) Yes?

Umma (struggling not to laugh):  Yes, you have been a good boy!  I’m sure Santa will bring you presents.  (Monkey grins)  Has Mommy been a good girl this year?

Monkey:  Yes!

Umma:  Do you think Santa will bring Mommy a present?

Monkey:  Yes!

Umma:  Was Daddy a good boy this year?

Monkey (in a low voice):  No.

Umma:  Daddy wasn’t a good boy this year??  Is Santa going to bring Daddy a present?

Monkey (still in a low voice): No?

Sorry, Duhdee!  Hopefully you make the good list next year!

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