Amazing is currently the most overused word in our house.  We’ve used it about Monkey’s behavior at family gatherings, his newly emerging participation at school and his always creative communication strategies.  He really just seems to be on a roll these days.

Monkey had yet another amazing day yesterday.  The three of us stayed home all day and Great Grampy joined us for the afternoon.  Monkey was still rather shy at the beginning but he did fairly well.  He mostly helped Duhdee cook while Great Grampy and I sat and chatted about his life growing up and all the different places he lived and worked.

After dinner ((Duhdee’s rack of lamb was great!  He’d never cooked it before but he followed Alton Brown’s recipe and it was very tasty.)), however, there was an amazing transformation.  Monkey brought back a piece of his Thomas Trackmaster train track sets.  Duhdee was sitting next to Great Grampy and we thought Monkey was taking the track to him but Monkey made it very clear he wanted Great Grampy to have it.  He brought back a few more pieces and continued to hand them to Great Grampy.   We moved down onto the floor and Great Grampy helped Monkey set up a track.  Monkey then began handing the Thomas engine and various cars to Great Grampy to assemble.  It was amazing!  The child who normally tries to distract Great Grampy from looking at him ((Typically, he will point at the sky (or ceiling) to get Great Grampy to look up.  Outside he is hoping there will be an airplane to distract Great Grampy, I’m not sure what he thinks Great Grampy will find on the ceiling though.)) was sitting only inches away from him and making eye contact and being very demanding, actually.  It totally made our day and Great Grampy looked pretty pleased himself.

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