Another dry morning!

I’m so excited, Monkey is doing so well “holding it” during the day and it seems that he’s able to do the same overnight as well, very cool! 

On Sunday, when the plumber was downstairs cutting the cast iron pipes below the bathroom floor, we put Monkey in a diaper.  The noise in the bathroom was tremendous and it was coming in spurts, Monkey was too scared to go in the bathroom to do his business.  Rather than risk an accident we thought a diaper made perfect sense.  Monkey didn’t seem to mind at all. 

Then, a few hours later, Monkey came running to the kitchen where Dudhee and I were talking.  He was very upset and he grabbed his diaper.  I thought he’d gone and wanted a change but I quickly realized he was still dry.   Duhdee ran down to ask the plumber to take a break and we rushed to the toilet.  Poor Monkey barely made it…he really had to go!  I was happy to see that he is this determined to be potty trained.  He seems to have really turned the corner on this and is much more motivated than he had been. 

Not so much on the poop still.  We still have to catch him or he goes in his pants.  He knows he has to go, he runs to hide, but he isn’t willing try to go on the potty yet.  I wish I knew why :-\

In other news…I’m back to work today.  *YAWN*

One thought on “Another dry morning!

  • February 18, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    That is awesome that he told you guys!! Woohoo Monkey 🙂
    Sorry about work…thats rarely fun 😉


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