As if a cold was not bad enough…

now Monkey is limping!  It’s been a long week here, Monkey has a cold and has woken up coughing 4-5 times each night for the last 4 nights.  He then crawls into bed with us and keeps us awake with his hacking fits.  Yay!

Then, Duhdee got sick.  And let me tell you (so he won’t have to, he’s losing his voice) he is the sickest man this world has ever seen.  He’s so pitiful that Monkey is comforting him.  

Then, I got sick.  Not as bad as my poor boys but enough to leave me feeling fuzzy in the head.  Add the sleepless nights and I’m pretty much a lump of useless flesh.

Then, our youngest dog got a wild hare ((I always thought it was a “wild hair“, shows what I know.)) and leapt off our bed, onto the hardwood floors, skidded wildly out of control and knocked Monkey flat on his bum.  Monkey stood up and is now limping.  There is no visible bruising or swelling but he’s clearly favoring the leg.  We’ll take a look at it this afternoon and decide if a Dr’s visit is in order.  Like we’ll be able to follow Dr’s order anyway which we all know will be “Keep him off it.”  Hahaha, they’re so funny.

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