I, too, measure up.

Thanks to FXSmom, I now have a penis bling too!  Check it!


1. Say one nice thing to a man in your life.

This pretty easy, I have a most awesome hubby so I say nice things to him ALL the time.  I tell him I love him single day, I compliment his cooking, I tell him what a great dad he is and I grab his bum pretty much daily ((sometimes actions speak louder than words with my man)).

2. List at least six ways that you measure success in your life (or for your blog).

A successful me = a happy Monkey, a content hubby and proud parents

A successful blog = comments, linkage and new Fragile X Webring members!

3. Assign this award to six other blogs and leave them a comment telling the blogger that you’ve assigned them this award.

I’m awarding this to…







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