Shortly after I finished cleaning on Monday, my awesome niece, her friend and her corgi puppy all showed up to house/dog sit for us while we were gone. I stayed up wayyyy too late chatting with the girls. I never get enough of the two of them, they totally crack me up. So I was dragging buttocks the next morning and very, very glad I’d worked so hard the day before. After giving them a final rundown on the how’s and what’s, we left for the airport.

Monkey was over the MOON. He could *not* wait to go through the tunnels and see the airport and get on the plane and go flying! Do you see the hole in his plan? He left out one *eensy* step in the whole process…you know…security. Duhdee and I had said we’d call and get the escort to avoid waiting. It was absolutely in the plan. It was happening. Then we thought, “But he did so well the last time…”

Gah! IDIOTS! We were such FOOLS! Take the escort…every time..takeit! takeit! takeit! Clearly this is for me because you all are way smarter than we are *sigh*

The security line at Logan can be a pretty painless process. It can also take ages and make you want to pluck your eyelashes out. This trip was somewhere in between but with Monkey even “pretty painless” makes him want to pluck his eyelashes out. But we survived…and have vowed to not EVER do that EVER again. *deep breath*

Then we got to the gate and our 11:30 flight, which was still listed as “on time” everywhere, now said it left at 12:20. Huh? We had an hour layover in Milwaukee that was rapidly disappearing. Yikes! We quickly learned that the plane was not yet in Boston but that it was set to land at 11:30. They were going to get everyone off really fast, do a quick cleaning and then rush us all on board quickquickquick. We did make sure we would be able to pre-board and then we sat and waited and waited and waited for the plane. Monkey and I took a long walk and watched some other planes leave and then we went back to sit and wait and wait and wait for the plane to arrive. Finally, the plane arrived and it all went according to plan! We left nearly on time and with the tail wind arrived in Milwaukee on-time. Magic.

Once the waiting was done, Monkey was thrilled with the whole experience. He was happy happy. His face was lit up and we heard the best laughs. He is a really great traveler…if only there wasn’t so much *waiting* involved. We decided to grab something to eat in Milwaukee and of course that took longer than it should ((A fifteen minute wait for a SHAKE?)) and we were still sitting when we heard the first call for our flight. Monkey and I grabbed our suitcases and headed for the gate while Duhdee dumped the trash. Monkey turned at one point and yelled over his shoulder, “Come on Daddy!” which just cracked me up.

The flight from Milwaukee to Madison is pretty much all take off or landing…I think there is 15 minutes of flying time, maybe? This is actually the perfect flight for Monkey…it was all the best bits without too much sitting time in between…not that Monkey minded the sitting when he had his “DDD” (DVD player) and his movies to keep him amused!

After a long day of traveling, and knowing we had a long day of testing ahead of us, we decided to order some room service and lay low. Monkey started asking for his dogs and saying he wanted to go home but once we got him some yogurt, *and* tucked into bed while he enjoyed it, he relaxed and did very well.

Tomorrow…the Waisman…

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