Whirling dervishes.

This past week has been an absolute whirlwind for us here at Chez Monkey. I don’t know about you but when we are expecting houseguests I suddenly feel this uncontrollable urge to wrap up every pending project on my wishlist before they arrive. Which explains why last Saturday morning I opened my eyes, looked at my loving husband (who was struggling to breath under 50 lbs of Monkey sitting on his head saying “Hiya Daddy!”) and said…”I think we should paint Monkey’s bedroom…”

Duhdee refused to get out of bed until I accepted the fact that he was not going to let me paint Monkey’s bedroom. He claimed we didn’t have time. I think he’s a wimp. Our compromise was that we would go buy the new bedroom set I had been eyeing. Once he reluctantly agreed to get out of bed with that task in mind for the day I broke the big news…the bed I wanted was at a store on the South Shore and since we would be in the general area it was only logical that we’d stop at IKEA too. Squee! Duhdee felt tricked, whatever. I was doing my “I’m going to IKEA dance.”

So last Saturday we spent 9 HOURS furniture and decor shopping. We got everything we planned and then some, as often happens when we go to IKEA. Anytime Duhdee moaned about not being able to feel his leg I reminded him that he could have just let me paint Monkey’s room and this could have all been avoided. *Snicker* Do not attempt to deny the Money, the Money alllllwayyyyys wins! He’ll never learn 😉

Sunday was kind of a let down for me. We had bought all of these amazing things but our bed could not be delivered until the following FRIDAY ((TODAY, yippee!)) which meant all of my plans hatched the day before were for naught. Frustrating. So I turned my eye toward things that we could accomplish. Duhdee recently purchased a new surround sound system to replace the one I hate. I suggested that he hook it up since I was going to clean and we needed to move all the old speakers around anyway while I did that so we may as well just swap them out. Duhdee looked at me a bit wide eyed, asked if I was serious *crickets* and then set to work. I felt so much better. 6 hours later Duhdee was cursing my great, great, great grandparents for my very existance BUT the new speakers were so cute! And not in my way. Of course, now I didn’t have time to clean the living room but our bathroom was sparkly!

On Monday we did the normal day before traveling things like vacumming and steam cleaning the floors and furniture, going shopping to pick up odds and ends like a new suitcase for Monkey, all new towels for the house and new full sized Toy Story sheets for Monkey’s bigger bed (which he was inheriting from us.) It was a third straight day of busyness and stress before embarking on three days of busyness and stress…perfect. That is how everyone else prepares for a trip right?

I’m sure you’re wondering how the heck Monkey was holding up with all this madness and I am proud to say he was LOVING it. He loved bed shopping (he jump tested all of the mattresses at the furniture store before we made our decision), he loved IKEA (he jump tested all of the mattresses we had no intention of buying), he was thrilled when we told him he was getting our bed, he was ecstatic over the new Toy Story sheets and when he saw his new suitcase he said, “airport? airplane? fwying?” non-stop for hours. How is it little changes set him off majorly but this total upheaval was the most thrilling time ever? I wish I understood how this worked.

Next up, the actual trip…

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