Broken promises.

I keep saying I’m back and then promptly disappear again.  I don’t know what is with me these days!  There is lots going on but I just can’t seem to write about any of it. 

Let’s start with the important stuff first.  Monkey is doing awesome.  He is still on summer break, they don’t go back to school until September 14th!  That just seems so late but what do I know?  I’m starting to feel a bit anxious that maybe we shouldn’t have held him back for another year of pre-school.  I guess I need something to worry about when everything is going smoothly!

He is really talking up a storm these days.  One night last week I got home about 20 minutes after he had gone to bed (I worked a lot of late nights last week 🙁 ) but I could hear him still moving around a bit.  I went in to give him a kiss and he said, “Up, down! Ball. Unnderrr! Bubbles!”  I was a bit confused and made a few “how interesting” comments, gave him a kiss and walked out to talk to Duhdee.  When I told Duhdee what Monkey had said, he put it into context for me.  They had played ball, Daddy had thrown it up on the roof and then it came back down.  It bounced under the deck at one point.  Monkey had soda (he calls it bubbles) at dinner.  He had TOLD ME ABOUT HIS DAY!  Oops!  I ran right back into Monkey’s room to let him know that I understood what he had been trying to tell me.  Umma’s just dense sometimes.

The only issue with all this talking is that he is now attempting to repeat just about everything he hears.  Umma and Duhdee are learning to censor themselves in ways most parents have mastered by the time their kids are 2…it’s hard work!  Duhdee let slip a minor cuss word during one of our family walks and we immediately heard “Cap!” (he is still missing the “r” sound!) from behind us.  I also need to work on controlling my facial expressions when he drops these words.  They just take me by surprise!  If he ever sees me laugh at one of them it’s all over, he’ll do anything to make me laugh.  He did crack up one of the neighbors.  On that same walk we stopped so the dogs could avail themselves of a conveniently placed tree and Monkey dropped the f-bomb.  I heard a bark of laughter from inside the house we were passing.  They had a little girl with Down Syndrome so they totally understand what’s going on but really…it’s so HARD not to crack up when these naughty words pop out of our little angel’s mouth.

This past Saturday, we drove up to visit Grammy & Grampy in New Hampshire.  Monkey tends to be fairly reserved when he is away from home.  He talks less and hides more.  I’m not sure what got into him but he was just full of it!  He followed Duhdee around and helped with the tools.  He played ball.  He pet the dogs…he was just…Monkey.  He was the Monkey we see all the time at home.  It was really nice to see him relaxed and engaged with Grammy & Grampy.  At one point, while we were in the playroom, Monkey found a nickle on the floor.  I held my hand out to take it from him but he pulled it back, walked around me and handed it to Grampy.

What else?  I’m starting to worry about our old dog.  Minor things seem to be going wrong on a regular basis…limping, abscess, more limping…it’s made me realize that he’s getting up there (14!) for a pooch and I am so not ready to lose him.  He was my first baby and I love him to pieces.  Monkey also love him a lot.  Our other dog worships him.  I don’t know how to even attempt to explain death when the time comes.  Has anyone had to do this? *sigh*

OK, not ending on that note….garden!  We have finally, finally suceeded in growing a darn cucumber!  No matter what happens out there for the rest of the year, we WIN!  I never thought it would be so hard but between blight and rodents I’ve never been able to successfully grow them.   There appears to be a squirrel with a taste for tomatoes in the next door neighbor’s yard so we’ve started leaving any that fall off the vine or otherwise get damaged on the border for him, a tribute…bribe…whatever!  It’s working!

I think that’s about it.  This weekend is Labor Day weekend, the very worst weekend of the year, in my opinion.  All of the college students in the Cambridge/Boston area will be returning.  It’s a good weekend to avoid the city…and Ikea…and Target…and…pretty much everywhere else.  I don’t know what we’ll find to do.  If we let Monkey decide we’ll all stay in our lounging clothes (he has specific clothes in mind, too) and not step foot off the property.  Ever.  Maybe it is the best idea for this weekend…

2 thoughts on “Broken promises.

  • September 5, 2009 at 7:37 am

    That’s so cool that he was telling you about his day. It seems like the development, especially language, just comes in these huge waves, and then levels out for a long time before another wave hits. It is so exciting! We have become expert spellers at preschool and I even find myself spelling b-e-e-r when I’m out with friends!

  • September 5, 2009 at 10:23 pm

    I never think to spell. S-h-i-t just doesn’t flow the same way! I end up making up Snoop Doggy Dog-esque words…a la “Shi-nizzle!”

    Monkey’s mispronounciations are just as amusing as his cursing. We were at Ikea on Friday afternoon (Didn’t I say in this very post to avoid that place? I’m not so smart sometimes, but I digress.) and Monkey picked up a clock. He is missing his “l” sound still. I made him take it to Duhdee and tell him what he found, lmao. “Ewic, cawk!” (I really don’t want the traffic spelling that properly might bring!)

    Around this house “beer” is rootbeer. He shortened it himself, it’s a little embarassing when we’re at dinner and he keeps yelling for “Beer!”


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