Monkey had a really tough day at school yesterday.  He was not dysregulated, he was just not that interested in anything they had to offer him.  At one point, the class was sitting and cutting out dinosaurs that they had colored, Monkey looked at the teacher and signed “snack.”  The teacher told him “No, we have to cut out our dinosaurs, then we can have snack.”  Monkey whined but then proceeded to cut out his dinosaur faster than she has ever seen him move, lol.  He thrust it at her and got his snack.  What a crack up.

Anyway, the whole day was like that.  He was impatient with the activities, his mind was wandering.  They suspect that it’s because they’ve been talking about vacation week, which is next week.  I’m pretty sure Monkey is ready for that break.  He is certainly quite put out with us each morning when we insist that he go to school.

This morning we were ready early enough for us to take an alternate route to school so I asked him if he wanted to take the bus to school.  He was so excited!   On the way to the bus stop he kept pointing out the various routes we take when we walk the dogs.  He sat on the bench at the bus stop and waited patiently until a bus came into view.  Unfortunately the bus was going in the wrong direction.  He spent the last few minutes jumping up and down excitedly watching for the next bus.  When it arrived he yelled “Yeah!” and waved to the driver, lol. 

He quickly found a seat and sat down.  He turned to face the bus full of very serious morning commuters (we are a grumpy lot) and beamed at them.  He was so happy to be on that bus.  People couldn’t help but smile back.  Every commuter bus should have a Monkey on board, lol.

The bus ride is very short but he sure enjoyed every second.  When we got off the bus at our stop he turned and waved bye-bye to the driver.  At this point it got a little sticky though and it crossed my mind that maybe it had been a mistake.  Monkey looked at me, looked at the school and said “Nooooo, Deeee, home!” while signing “Daddy” and “walk.”  Uh oh.  I was able to get him moving toward the school with a little convincing and he did great from then on.  He walked into the classroom, checked in and decided to paint for his first activity.  He was waving at me through the door as I left, happy as a clam.

I floated off to the bus stop to resume the journey to work blissfully unaware that I’d left my little cup of liquid gold (tea with honey) sitting on the floor in Monkey’s classroom.  I didn’t realize it until I reached my subway stop downtown and couldn’t figure out why I felt as if my legs were made of lead. 

Oh, well.  It was a small price to pay for a little adventure this morning.

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