Croup! Oh, joy.

Here is the short version, when I’m not so sleepy I’ll tell the whole story.

Last night Monkey woke up with a barky cough and was struggling to breathe. We tried steam and it didn’t work at all so we called his pediatrician’s office. She advised us to try cold air. If that didn’t work we had to take him to the ER at Children’s Hospital. That’s where we ended up last night at 11:40. He has a severe case and needed oral steroids because his oxygen levels were a bit off. We got home around 3 AM, he was in bed by 3:30, he was up at 7. Duhdee is sleeping in, I’ll sleep later when he wakes up. Ugh.

Oh, and, the best news? Night 2, and sometimes 3, are typically worse. “Hopefully” the steroids help but there’s a chance we’ll be back there tonight. Today we need to go see his pediatrician too. Duhdee can do that, lol.

Lucky for you all I had another FX Memory lined up, I’ll post that in a while.

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