We planted a seed and watched it grow.

That’s not a metaphor.  We literally planted a seed, in a cup, and it grew!  For someone with what one might consider to be a brown, wilted, pathetic little thumb, that’s pretty darned exciting!   So what sort of seed did I pick, you may be wondering?  A lovely flower, since we always planted sunflower seeds in little cups when I was little? 

Nope, that wasn’t for us.  We planted…corn.  I know it seems odd, I guess because it is a bit, but we’re having our very first “real” garden this year (as opposed to the 5 gallon buckets we’ve been planting in for the last few years) and I wanted corn!

Since planting that first seed last week, we’ve added 9 more corn, 6 cucumber, 2 parsley, 2 basil, 2 pepper and 4 varieties of tomatoes (6 cherry, 6 plum and 2 each of two large sizes.)  We’ll be planting more corn in two week intervals over the next month to spread out the expected bounty.  Gosh, I hope it works! 

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