This evening, Monkey and Duhdee came to pick me up at work. Monkey gives me the greatest greetings now, he asks for hugs and asks if I’m OK ((Which is really my cue to ask him if he is OK. Most of the time he is and just says OK and runs off. Sometimes he is not and he needs a hug and some back patting, which he nicely reciprocates, before he runs off.)) and then he asks for my phone or iPad ((He is an iGeek too, hee!)). After we got through the hugging through the window and handing over the phone bit, I jumped in and we headed home. We were listening to our “Compromise Station” on Pandora ((Basically all music Duhdee listens too that does not make my ears bleed.)) when it cut off. What the f Oy Vey!

Duhdee looked down at his phone and realized Monkey was calling…from the backseat. I answered the phone. Every other time Monkey has accidentally reached a person he has hung up as fast as possible but tonight…he talked to me!!! I asked him questions and he ANSWERED THEM APPROPRIATELY!!!! We talked for a good minute before he hung up. Then he asked to call someone else!

I asked him if he wanted to talk to Auntie and he was SO excited. I called Auntie’s cell phone and got no answer. Dang. I called Grammy’s cell phone because Auntie was likely nearby and got voicemail. Srsly?? So I called the house phone, if they didn’t have their cells on it was because they were home and I got…a busy signal. Are you fu Oy VEY! I’m sitting there holding my cell phone while Monkey bounces in the back seat asking for the phone and giggling every time I dial. I just kept saying, “Oh, no answer buddy! I’ll try ____ next, OK?” “OK!” So we tried Grammy W. and got voicemail.

(&)^%)^%&%*^%!@*#(~&)^%&%*^%!@*#(~%*^%!)^%&%*^%!@*#(~@*#(~!!!! OY VEY!

Finally, I tried Auntie’s house phone one more time with my fingers crossed and GOT AUNTIE ON THE PHONE. HALLELUJAH! I told Auntie I had a very excited Monkey who wanted to talk to her and passed the phone to him. He said “Hewwo!” and hung. up. the. phone. DUDE?!

I called Auntie back on Duhdee’s phone because Monkey was NOT giving mine up and he’d had enough of the talking business. Fine. Hey, at least I got to chat with my parents and sister (cause they put me on speakerphone) and they got to hear Monkey lose his shiznit ((In a happy way!)) when we drove through puddles on the way home, which was fun.

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