He’s got this new thing…

so, this child has come up with some strange amusements over the years but this latest one takes the cake.

Monkey is, and I can’t believe I’m actually posting about this, playing with toys. T.O.Y.S. Toys. Not just toy versions of things he sees us or other people use (binoculars, power tools, etc.) but toys that are nothing more than…playthings. Child’s playthings…toys. That he uses as…toys, not as props in a script he has stored in his brain from some TV show/YouTube video/commercial.

So a good chunk of the population is going to look at us when we say this and smile nervously while looking for the nearest exit. We look a little wild-eyed intense in our amazement so it is a little freaky…but you…YOU know what I’m talking about! You know this is big time cool.

It started with Buzz, Buzz Lightyear. Monkey was watching a YouTube clip and he ran, grabbed Buzz, Buzz Lightyear from his room and then sat down with him to watch YouTube. It was so cute ((Of course, we are not allowed to let him know it was cute so we stood in the hall, peeking in at him one in a while, and looking at each other with eyes like saucers while we mouthed OHMYF*CKINGGOD! HEISSOCUTE! I KNOW! SOF*CKINGCUTE! at each other.)).

Then, he just waltzed into our living room and asked for help getting (Lightening) McQueen out of Mack ((OK, that sounds a little dirty, eh? Ha. Never mind, growing up now.)) like it wasn’t the first time he’d looked at the flipping thing since he opened it at Christmas ((Not that I am bitter or anything, but this was one of those toys that I tried finding locally and then ended up paying wayyyy to much for on Amazon because they figured out that people (ME, MOTHERHUMPERS) were googling madly and looking for this toy so they jacked the price up based on whatever crooked algorithm they use which resulted in people (ME, AGAIN, DIPWADS) paying twice MSRP. ZOMFG, Amazon, really?? OK, fine, maybe I am a little bitter. Still.)).

His latest foray into the fabulous world of toys was with his remote control car. This car is hecka cool, when it  runs into something it flips over and keeps going…it’s a reversible car! Monkey started out terrified of it, then he was mildly concerned if something happened to disturb the layer of dust on it and then he simply forgot it existed…until this afternoon. This afternoon, he grabbed it from the shelf it had been parked on for two years, put it on the floor and proceeded to drive it around his room. When he caught Duhdee watching him he stuck his head under his bed and played with it under there.

So…my kid is playing with toys in a completely unscripted and appropriate way and we are *so* psyched. Yep, so excited that I just flashed back two decades…it’s like my brain is collapsing under the sheer AWESOMENESS of it all…or something…

All kidding aside…this is one of those little victories ((That most parents will not ever even take notice of because, of course, kids play with toys, genius.)) that make me feel like my heart is going to explode from the force of the love and pride I have for this boy.

4 thoughts on “He’s got this new thing…

  • September 25, 2011 at 10:05 pm

    No, you’re right, it’s amazing! I’m frequently baffled at how hard I work to get my boys to play with their toys.

  • September 26, 2011 at 12:34 am

    Aw yes, the enjoyment of our children playing with toys. Few will understand but we can all rejoice 🙂


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