Day 12 – Daddy’s turn

Last evening, I tried very hard to help Sneak set up his latest vision. Very hard of course means that I half-assed a few feet of track and then looked pathetic so Eric stepped in to rescue me. What? He’s a much better engineer than I am!

See?? He’s very good. It goes up onto the coffee table and then back down, it also loops under it. I did make the Lego tunnel, so I wasn’t completely useless!

Sneak somehow found his way into our room overnight and Caleb would not wake up when it was time for school. Sometime around 2 AM (so says our motion sensor) someone *cough*Caleb*cough* woke up, found the track and perhaps played with it. Sneak isn’t the only sneaky boy in this house!

I think tonight we might have a demonstration of why we try not to touch Sneak…even if he did come with vitamins this year.

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