Day 14 – A message for Caleb.

Last night was FXMNO. I rolled on through the door, exhausted, at 11 PM after having enjoyed not one but TWO Tom Bradys (Stoli Raz, Blueberry something and…other stuff plus a slice of lime) that were, sadly, not delivered by the man himself. I had also just made such a pathetic attempt at parallel parking that the neighbor, who was in my spot so he does not earn any brownie points with me, took pity on me and came out to move his car back into his garage. I’m not entirely sure it was pity or absolute terror that I was going to hit his beautiful BMW SUV. By the way he came running out, jacket half on and half flapping behind him in the wind while he waved his arms frantically over his head, I couldn’t really tell. *ahem*

Eric was snoring away, the kid and puppies were snug in their beds (I caught Eric snuggling the puppy, ha!) and I had to move the elf. I was sort of hoping he would have magically moved by the time I got home but, alas, it was not to be. I was stumped, Sneak wasn’t talking to me…it’s possible he was asleep too. Finally I pulled up the list of ideas I created in SEPTEMBER (yes, slightly insane!) and dismissed them all. Then, in between snores, Eric suggested this…

Well, not that exactly. It’s a bit messier than he had in mind, I’m sure, BUT in my defense elves *are* notoriously messy *and* the cleaners are coming tomorrow. So, it’s just a bigger tip and I think they will be amused. Heck, I might even get a toilet paper flower as a reward!

Regardless, Caleb was delighted which really puts that mess in the proper perspective.



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