Do you know four square?

Not the social media site but the game? Until two days ago I had never heard of it, then Eric reported that Caleb is now playing it at school. Wait, what?

Four square, also known as Square Ball or handball, is usually played with a rubber playground ball, a volleyball, or a tennis ball on a square court with four maximum players, depending on the rules (Big Four Square, Six Square, etc.). The objectives of four square are to get another player into dunce (out) and achieve the rank of king, or ace.


There are rules and strategy, though I am positive that the games on the playground at Caleb’s school are not nearly as cut throat as Eric was describing. Caleb has been very interested in the game but he wasn’t able to play. It involves a lot of hand-eye coordination (which he rocks) but it also includes turn taking (umm) and motor planning to get the ball to land in specific spots…this isn’t easy stuff for this boy of mine. He stuck to games of chase or shooting hoops, things he gets and enjoys immensely.

Over time though his interest has not waned and over the last couple of weeks, it was reported, he has moved from observer to participant. And he’s doing much better at playing even. Do you think it’s a coincidence that the last couple of weeks lines up with the highest dose of the study drug…if he’s not getting the placebo?

I guess we’ll find out when the weaning starts…

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