Monkey has a new friend.  His name is Eggy.  He is blue and he’s named after the egg that the Penguins of Madagascar “egg-sit” in Paternal Egg-Stinct.

When you ask him what is in his egg Monkey responds, “Baby duck!”  He carries Eggy around the house with him and will occasionally stop to hug the egg to his cheek and say, “Awww!”  Sometimes he even lets me hug Eggy too.  He’s just too sweet!

3 thoughts on “Eggy.

  • April 20, 2010 at 10:03 am

    A plush strawberry, I hope! At least we can see these friends. I had an invisible puppy which kept family and friends on their toes. Then my neice squished him. He was nearly 30 years old so…maybe it was time.

    I had an argument with the Nick website over that, then Google set me straight, lol.


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